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As an Outreach Specialist, you will be working on forming strategic partnerships with other initiatives and non-profit organizations, seeking funding opportunities via grants and sponsorships for EduVisa initiatives.

This includes assisting with contacting representatives and heads of organizations for specific opportunities, and using social media networking platforms to spot potential hosts for events and specific EduVisa initiatives.

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As a curriculum developer, you will work with the CLO to organize course material from various academic subjects to make learning more concise and accessible, which involves developing study resources, constructing guided scripts for tutors, and posting SAT daily questions.

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Human Resources

You will be assisting the CHRO during recruiting interviews by conducting and evaluating the candidate’s proficiency in the subject and skill in tutoring. You will have to take notes and creates short reports on why a certain candidate is accepted/rejected. This is an on-call job, so you will have to be present whenever interviews are scheduled in your time zone and during your availability.

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As a marketer, you will work closely with a team of other marketers and creative designers to promote and expand EduVisa. This will include posting on social media and helping come up with ideas for content.

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As an Engagement Team Intern, you will support the CDO in developing events and programs that further the relationships within the EduVisa community , of both academic and fun nature . You'll also send engaging QOTDs to the server (in cycles) to spark meaningful discussions between members.

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In the tech team, you’ll work on our server’s discord bots and the website you’re currently looking at. It is highly recommended for applicants of the tech team to have coding experience.

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